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3 ways to decorate your home with an Arabic and Eastern twist.

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The Middle East is known for a unique and distinct style ripe with bold colors and prints, draping sheets, and exquisite designs. This is not only limited to the dress but extends to all facets of style and beauty, particularly the architecture and décor. Rounded doorways and magnificent wall tiles are symbolic in Middle Eastern homes. Lights and windows in the houses are outlined and extensively and breathtakingly as the eyes of the people you see in the street.

1. Lanterns:

These decorative pieces, in Arabic called a fanoos, function as a sculpture just as much as a light fixture. Whether they’re hanging from the ceiling or resting on a coffee table, each fanoos is entirely unique, and come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, metals, and colors. We love these for their modern twist to the traditional eastern lantern.

2. Big Colorful Pillows:

These decorative pillows tend to come in satin and tend to work best on low wood-framed “couches” to create a laid-back exotic ambiance in bedrooms, sitting rooms, or even outdoor lounge areas. They’re not limited to this style however, and also look great on beds, sofas, even chairs anywhere in the home. They range in intricacy from solid colors to embroidered designs and pictures. We love these because they have just enough of an Arabic twist while still looking contemporary.

3. Calligraphy:

A ban of portraying prominent religious figures in Islamic artwork brings about a different type of art. Calligraphy is the use of words and symbols (typically Arabic) to create a picture. Calligraphy pieces can be framed on the wall, or can be displayed straight on the wall itself. The words themselves carry meanings that are just as beautiful as the overall design. This Mashallah calligraphy art from a shop on Etsy is so happy, eastern and modern!


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