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Falling in love with Arabic Calligraphy


There is something so whimsical, romantic and awe inspiring about Arabic calligraphy.

What I love about these new Allah and Mashallah necklaces is the way the writing flows so well as gold. The brushed look plays down what can otherwise be a loud statement. It is just the right mix of in your face and subtle, which is what MonAmour Collection is all about. 

Mashallah Arabic Calligraphy Necklace

Some of them are on a plain gold chain and others are put on hand cut Yemeni beads. I bought these beads when I was in Dubai actually, at a fair there called the Global Village. There was an entire section dedicated to countries all over the Middle East. I loved Yemen and Turkey because both places where so rich in their aesthetics. The Yemeni silver jewelry was absolutely breath taking and it reminded me of what I imagine to be beautiful desert queen bedouin woman. 

I took photos of my new collection on some Arabic calligraphy graphic art that I had. The images came out so inviting. They are mystical, unique, eastern and yet modern. Check them out below :)

Arabic Calligraphy Graphic Art

This necklace reads "Mashallah" which is said when something is beautiful, in the context that God should be praised for whatever it is you see that reminds you of beauty.

Arabic Calligraphy Allah Necklace

This one says Allah, which is the Arabic word for God. Same as the word Dios is the word for God in Spanish.

Allah stretch bracelets


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