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Why we are here:

MonAmour Collection is a line that stems from culture, heritage, language, religion and purpose. We want to continue to create pieces that’s beauty sparks conversation on meaning and origin. Pieces where conversations come up to bring together two worlds and understanding.

MonAmour Collection was created in February of 2012 with the intention of mixing the two worlds of the East and the West, The New and the Old, the Eastern and the Urban. That’s why you will often find us saying UrbanEastern. We love that Eastern flair that has detail, intricacies, calligraphy and romance. We also love the edge, the spunk and the laid back appeal of urban street flair. With charms designed all over the world and with the finest materials, your MonAmour Collection pieces will be cherished.


What’s in a name?

A play on words combining the name of MonAmour Collection’s founder, Mona and Amour, MonAmour is Mona’s love in her pieces brought to you in a lovely collection.



Original designer of MonAmour Collection Mona, was raised in Southern California, USA and received her MA Degree from the University of California Irvine before turning to her full time love of creating meaningful pieces of jewelry.

Driven by the passion to create pieces of jewelry that serve as ways of expression, MonAmour Collection turned into the line that is today. Her message is simply this “When someone wears MonAmour Collection, I want them to get stopped and asked by others “what does your jewelry mean?” and I hope that conversation sparks curiosity, understanding, tolerance and appreciation for the love of beauty we all share.”

Mona now lives in Orange County, California with her son and husband and continues to create pieces that reach out to the orient in all of us.

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